Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Making Illinois Next!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Illinois 72-Hour Deployment, October 29 – November 2 Report.
By: Jack Dusik, YRNF Campaign Chairman, Illinois Native, Virginia Transplant. 

Home to President Obama and a host of other powerful Democratic leaders, Illinois has long been one of the highest performing States for the Democrats.

Facing this reality, the Young Republican National Federation (YRNF), through its highly successful GOTV program, deployed to Illinois to make it the next state to turn from blue to red.
On Friday, October 29, 2010, Young Republicans from Illinois, Virginia, Georgia and Washington, DC, began the final push for victory in Illinois as part of the YRNF “Operation Regaining the Majority,” with a robust 5 day effort in DuPage, Kendall, and Will Counties.

·         In DuPage County, Young Republican volunteers made 3,725 phone calls and knocked on 400 doors.

·         In Kendall County, Young Republican Volunteers made 6,339 phone calls.

·         In Will County, Young Republican Volunteers made 5,477 door knocks and 1,555 phone calls.

Additionally, YR volunteers participated in the Lincoln Way Tea Party GOTV rally with Governors Barbour (MS), Jindal (LA), and McDonnell (VA).  They were also strongly represented at the Kinzinger GOTV rally with House Republican Whip, Eric Cantor.  

In Kendall County, YRs organized a Halloween parade / demonstration in support of our hard-working candidates, especially Randy Hultgren.  By all accounts it was a well organized visibility effort on a somewhat difficult day to campaign.

YR volunteers also distributed thousands of pieces of literature at train stations throughout the Western Suburbs.  Finally, YR volunteers delivered or blitzed over 1,000 yard signs and several 4X4 signs for candidates around the collar counties.

The YRNF “Operation Regaining the Majority” 72-Hour push in Illinois was a huge success.   In addition to numerous county and state candidates, YRs were especially glad to help the House campaigns of Judy Biggert (IL-13), Randy Hultgren (IL-14), Adam Kinzinger (IL-11), the Senate campaign of Mark Kirk (R-IL), and the Bill Brady for Governor campaign. 

In all, 17,496 voter contacts were made in the 3 counties over a 5 day period, or just over 1 percent of the approximately 1,500,000 voter contacts made in Illinois in the final 72-hours!  
In an election that saw the GOP pick up 4 House seats, hold its most competitive open seat, and critically, pick up the US Senate seat that disgraced and convicted governor, Rod Blagojevich attempted to sell in the wake of President Obama’s vacancy, the Young Republican National Federation is proud to have made a difference in Illinois in 2010.

Special thanks go to Amy Senjost Kovacevic, immediate past Chair of the DuPage County YRs, who worked tirelessly to coordinate between the YRNF and the FIYR organizations.  Without her hard work, none of this would have been possible.

Additional thanks goes out to John Noak, Mayor of Romeoville and Illinois Senate Minority Leader, Christine Radogno, who provided the location and funding of our volunteer thank you dinner at Limestone Brewery, owned and operated by friendly Republican supporters, where we were able to convince Halloween revelers of all types to support Mark Kirk for US Senate.
And to everyone else, thank you, thank you, thank you!  Everyone worked tirelessly to bring home the big wins on Election Day.  It is only through your efforts that our best laid plans come to fruition.


Jerry Bannister, Sal Barocio, Larry Berry, Gianno Caldwell, Dennis Cook, Karen Clementi, Mario DeCicco, Jack Dusik, Jim Eiden, Gretchen Fritz, Joe Gillespie, Sharon Giorno, Robert Gryder, Scott Gryder, Aimee Gornik, State Rep Kay Hatcher, Phillips Hinch, Seth Jansen, Molly Jennings, Mary Pauline Jones, Dan Koukol, Amy Sejnost Kovacevic, John Kovacevic, Kara Larson, Jim McFarland, Mia Murphy, Steve Orlando, Allison O'Donnell, Ashley Penick, Steve Phillips, Janelle Pitula, Matthew Prochaska, Lisa Radogno, Adam Samuel Roth, Brian Russell, Scott Sadler , Maggie Sadowska , Andy Salemi, Allen Scheffer, Brandon Walsh,Sarah Walsh, Rick Veenstra, and Gary Vicia.